fixed angle hydraulic corner notching machine for sheet metal plate

Fixed Angle Hydraulic Corner Notching Machine for Sheet Metal Plate

Introduction & Feature

Our notching machine is kind of special cutting equipment, used in sheet metal processing edge or corner of the triangle gap, which is widely used in electrical appliances, metal cabinet body, ventilation equipment, kitchen equipment, decorative materials, such as sheet metal processing field. The hydraulic system on our machine is reliable, professional manufacturer of custom tanks, the use of domestic brandname long source pumps, and Rexroth valve. Professional tools, long life, suitable for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel plate.

Angle Notcher Application

1  Hydraulic notching machine also can be called corner notching machine or angle notching. For usual hydraulic corner notching machine can divided in two kind, that is variable notching machine and fixed angle Notching machine. The angle cutting of fixed type is 90°, of course you can cutting the metal to 40 ° to 135°if you are smart enough. As the adjustable angle (variable notching machine) the metal cutting range from 40 ° to 135 °.

2  The efficiency can be developed about 1/2 compared with the nonadjustable type. Moreover, it can adjust its working angle from its ability such as 4*200 variable type, it can adjust its angle from 40 °to 135°, you can do any angle within this angle range. In other words, any metal cutting performance can achieve the desired state.

3  The main structure of the machine is composed of whole welded steel plate, which means durable and robust. The machine only need to be equipped with the baldies to meet the needs of the general sheet metal processing job. Not like ordinary punch machine, usually need to change and make a new sets of molds just for some certain angle.

4  Take our corner notching into use, reducing the cost and reduce the tediously long time for frequently mold-clamping, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, avoid workers' high risk of usual power press working, while lower noise caused and create a quiet working environment.

5  Notching machine for cutting sheet metal, which is widely used in many fields of automobile manufacturing, boating, elevators, electrical equipment, plumbing, cooking utensils and stainless steel products.

Quick Details

Condition: New
Voltage: 415V
Dimension(L*W*H): 850x700x1100
Weight: 600
Certification: CE/ISO/SGS/GOST
Warranty: 12 MONTHS
After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available