China hydraulic torsion bar press brake machine for sale

China hydraulic torsion bar press brake machine for sale

Product Description

1, Steel-welded construction,vibration to eliminate stress,with high strength and good rigidity.
2, Hydraulic top-drive,steadiness and reliability.Mechnical stop steel torsion bar to maintain synchronization,high precision.
3, Motorized-adjusting device of back gauge and rams stroke,fine adjusting by handwheel,numerical display.
4, Deflection compensation unit installed on the top die.Manual crowned bottom die holder is adopted for the machine above 250tons length 4000mm.Travel limit protection.full machine guarding with safety inter locker.


  • 1. steel welded structure, vibrating treatment to remove the inter stress, with high strength and good rigidity
  • 2. hydraulic top-drive,steadiness and reliability, mechanical stop,steel torsion bar to maintain synchronization
  • 3. motorized-adjusting device of back gauge and ram stroke, fine adjusting by hand wheel, numerical display
  • 4. using travel limit protection, full machine guarding with safety interlocker
  • 5. two cylinders controlling beams vertical moving
  • 6. using mechanical torsion synchronization
  • 7. using Integration hydraulic system
  • 8. using standard punches and dies
  • 9. using hanging arm control panel
  • 10. using foot pedal with emergency stop

Major Elements

  • Hydraulic system: Omega USA
  • Electro parts: Siemens Germany
  • Motors: Siemens Germany
  • Sealings: Valqua Japan
  • Oil pumps:From Shanghai.
  • Blades: From Shanghai.
  • Standards:According to GB/T14349-93.
  • NC Digital Display: E10 From Estun
  • CNC Controller: DA41, DA52, DA65W From Dellem Holland

Shipping Documents

  • 1. Operation Manual(hydraulic diagram,electro diagram)
  • 2. Foundation plans
  • 3. Quality Certification
  • 4. Packing list
  • 5. Colors: According to Customer's requirements

Enclosed Accessory

  • Front arm support, 3 pieces
  • Anchor bolt, 4 pieces
  • Nut, some pieces
  • Washer, some pieces
  • Oil gun, 1 piece
  • Foot pedal 1 piece

After Sales Service

1. Our factory will supply easy worn parts free of charge to you within one year from ex-factory date, and the long term technical consultant service.

2. Once the serious quality problem is appeared due to the seller’s reason within one year since ex-factory date, the seller will supply parts free of charge. If necessary, the seller will send their engineer to repair it .

3. After one year warranty, we will provide long spare parts service at lowest cost price.

4. The seller can send 2 engineers (electrical & mechanical) to guide the installation & testing after the machine reaches the end-user.

Quick Details

  • 1 Pressing force: 2000kn
  • 2 Worktable Length: 3200mm
  • 3 Distance between uprights: 2500
  • 4 Ram stroke: 200mm
  • 5 Opening height: 435 mm
  • 6 Throat depth: 300mm
  • 7 Amount of ram adjustment: 80mm
  • 8 Approach speed: 70 mm/sec.
  • 9 Working speed: 10 mm/sec.
  • 10 Return Speed: 35 mm/sec
  • 11 Main Motor: 15kw
  • 12 Motor for back gauge: 0.55kw
  • 13 Motor for ram adjust: 0.12kw
  • 14 Overall Dimension: 3300×1650×2930 mm
  • 15 Weight: 13,500 kg