8mm hydraulic plate guillotine shearing machine

8mm hydraulic plate guillotine shearing machine

This 8mm hydraulic plate guillotine shearing machine offer one quarter inch to three quarter inch thickness capacity in 10 foot 2 inches to 13 foot 4 inches width capacities, they are just the most heavily built swing beam shears you can find in the industry bar none. With the most robust beam and frame construction available. They have a proven reliably designed frame with the most ridged beam possible. In order to provide the longest lasting most accurate swing beam shear, we have been relentless in the improvement of these shears to the point where no other supplier can come close to our accuracy and longevity.

The shears are engineered to have the most optimized cutting angle which provides the least distortion when cutting the widest variety of materials. In addition to the optimized cutting angle this series shears have been constructed with oversized bearings and box style swing beam which provides a constant blade gap over the full cutting length contributing to straighter cuts. A quick-set single point blade gap adjustment is conveniently located on the side frame of the machine.

Operator can easily and quickly change this setting as the material type and thickness demands, for a high quality blank. The integrated back gauge can swing away at the end of its travel to allow the shearing of unlimited length drop pieces. Also available is a swing up style, which swings up and out of the way when the back gauge reaches the end of its range. Both styles allow shearing sheets of an unlimited length. To assist in loading the shear and setting up the cutting job the first 39″ of the finger guard can be flipped up out of the way for easy viewing of the work piece. Hold downs are provided to ensure that the plate is held firmly along the length of the cutting area. The hold downs are distributed in such a way that more are closer at each end of the table. This guarantees not only safer operation, at the beginning and end of the cut, but also the accuracy for narrow (short) plates at each end of the machine. Each independently acting hold down is capable of applying high pressure to hold the material to assist in accurate cutting and a straight piece part.


(1) Uses the steel plate welding structure, hydraulic transmission, nitrogen return, easy to operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance.
(2) Easy to operate, reliable performance, beautiful appearance.
(3) There are signs blade gap adjustment instructions, adjust the light quickly.
(4) On the line of lighting fixtures equipped with lights.
(5) Work area with the fence-style personal safety protection device.
(6) After the block size and the shear number of a digital display devices.

Technical Parameters

The technical parameter is optional, we can accommodate your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us!

ModelMay cut the
thickness of slab(mm)
May cut the board
to be wide(mm)
Angle of shearMaterial strengh
Rear bumper material
regulation band(mm)
Traveling schedule
number of times(/min)
Main electrical
machinery power(kw)
Weiht(kg)External dimensions